Weekend Game Deals - Steam Summer Sale!

Tyler Wilde


It's here. The Steam Summer Sale eclipses all others this week, and every year we throw money at it so we can spend the winter hibernating in the warmth of our fattened libraries.

As the deals cycle daily, listing the games and bundles on sale wouldn't make much sense. At this very moment, Max Payne 3 is 50% off and Assassin's Creed: Revelations is 66% off . Indie games are going in fives for ten bucks. Terraria is $2.49 ! Portal 2 is $4.99 ! It doesn't stop until July 22.


[US Only] Oh right, there are other retailers selling PC game downloads during the Steam Summer Sale. Amazon has many of the same good deals from last week; just remember to check Steam before hitting that one-click purchase button.


This weekend, GOG is running its themed discount on Ubisoft Strategy and Sim Games . Have a bit of IL-2 Sturmovik for $4.99 , won't you?


GameStop is having a summer sale too...just check Steam and Amazon first (For example, Amazon has Borderlands for $7.49 , while GameStop has it for $9.99 . You could pick up a game on Steam with that $2.50!)

More game deals!

Let us know in the comments if you spot anything especially good this weekend!

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