The Walking Dead's next chapter is "just around the corner", say Telltale

After a solid season two opener, the next chapter of The Walking Dead will soon be bearing down on us. At least, that's my translation of a recent Telltale tweet . What they actually said was that their next slice of episodic zombie adventure is "just around the corner". I checked, and it's not. All that's around our nearest corner is Edge magazine, and they're not dead. Or are they? Dammit Telltale, what do you know that we don't?

There's no firm release date, but it sounds as though there'll be less of a wait between Walking Dead chapters than there was between episodes of The Wolf Among Us. Telltale's other episodic adventure is finally due to receive a new chunk-'o-story tomorrow, after a delay that stretched on for four months.

The Walking Dead: Season 2's first chapter was releah Desed 17tcember. You can read our review here .


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