The Roccat Savu is probably not the saviour of PC gaming

Adam Oxford



Remember this viral campaigning which had us groaning/guessing last week ? Those of you who thought it was the build up to a 4000DPI mouse were wrong – Roccat's just announced one of those, and its called the Savu. That's Savu, not saviour. Which is something different.

The Savu is a 'Mid Sized Hybrid Gaming Mouse'. I'm not entirely sure what the 'hybrid' bit is, since there's no third ear growing on its back, but apparently all will become clear (again) at CeBit next week.

The specs that have been released look like fun though. The LED light which illuminates may make it look like it something last seen driving down Brighton's main drag on a Friday night, but it's adjustable through 16.8million colours in the software control panel. More to the point, the high resolution sensor doesn't use interpolation to hit that 4000DPI setting, so it should be accurate and fast. Also, there's a quick macro button which Roccat calls Easy-Shift+ which can be used to remap the other keys on the fly.

As someone who prefers his pointers to fill out the palm, I'm not entirely happy with the current vogue for 'medium sized' mice. I've just finished reviewing the SteelSeries Kana, which is described in similar terms, and find it a little too dainty for my non-dexterous middle aged paws. Still, I'm sure some of you 'kids' will appreciate the lightness of touch these offer. I'll stick with a weighty Logitech G9 , Microsoft X8 or Corsair M60 , thanks. They may not be subtle, but then neither am I.

What is intriguing about the Roccat Savu is that it introduces a new feature in the drivers called an 'Achievement Display'. Apparently this is capable of reproducing the kinds of stats that you get at the end of a StarCraft II match, but in any game and mouse-specific, obviously.

I could be churlish and point out that if a keyboard or mouse needs drivers it also needs a new home on someone else's desk as far as I'm concerned, but that would be churlish wouldn't it? The Achievement Display looks like it could be fun, if a bit gimmicky. We'll find out more next week.

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