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The best mice for Diablo 3

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We joke about all the clicking in Diablo III, but broken mice and swollen wrists are no joke. They're bad things which make us sad. A good mouse is an important part of a balanced click-fest, so we've tested a selection of mice we think are best suited for Hell, as well as a few we don't recommend.

Note: If you're tired of Diablo III coverage, simply mentally replace any mention of it with "Torchlight II."

Cyborg MMO 7

Price: $129.99 / £99.99 ■ Official site: Cyborg Gaming MMO 7

If you left one of Cyborg's RAT series mice in a public place, someone would probably try to disarm it. Despite its alien appearance, however, the MMO 7 is super comfortable and uniquely adjustable. It's also built like a tank, so unless you have armor piercing fingers, it should have no problem deflecting your furious clicks. Unlike the standard RAT 7, the MMO version features 13 programmable buttons which, in conjunction with two modifier switches, can be used to execute 78 unique commands. You probably won't need 78 unique commands in Diablo III, but the option is there to customize your weapon however you please.

It's expensive, but if you'll settle for no less than top-of-the-line, the MMO 7 is it.

Cyborg RAT 9

Price: $149.99 / £119.99 ■ Official site: Cyborg Gaming RAT 9

Unlike the MMO 7, the wireless RAT 9 only features six programmable buttons, but it's not as if that's skimpy. In the office, I experienced occasional hiccups with the wireless connection, but we're drowning in interference here. I didn't have any troubles at home, and as one lithium-ion battery charges in the dock while the other is in use, the mouse can keep going indefinitely. With both batteries charged, it can outlast any gaming session that isn't hazardous to your health.

If you prefer the security of a wired mouse, go with a RAT 7 or MMO 7. The freedom of wireless movement is nice if you've got limited desk space because of a ridiculous collection of wire-snagging coffee mugs that I really should clean up I guess.

SteelSeries Diablo III

Price: $69.99 / £69.99 ■ Official site: Steelseries Diablo III mouse

SteelSeries' Diablo III branded mouse doesn't just look nice on a SteelSeries Diablo III branded mouse pad -- it's a good piece of hardware, too. The manufacturer boasts 10 million clicks per switch, and though I don't have time to test that claim (115 days at one click per second), the mouse is sturdy. I could test it if I wanted to, though, as the driver keeps track of your click count, which is a cute feature. More importantly, it's comfortable and symmetrical, so lefties aren't left out. That does mean, however, that the "seven ergonomically placed buttons" are really five ergonomically placed buttons , because you probably won't be using your pinky to tap the two side buttons meant for use with the other hand.

For the price, you'd better be sure you love the glowing Diablo III logo (which can be customized to pulse, as if you're holding the beating heart of evil itself in your palm), but the quality won't disappoint.

Razer Naga

Price: $79.99 / £69.99 ■ Official site: Razer Naga

The Razer Naga is our resident MMO expert Josh Augustine's favorite mouse. Do you want lots of buttons? Naga has lots of buttons -- more than you'll probably need. Your thumb's domain is covered with a pad of 12 glowing, remappable buttons which default to Diablo III's emotes. They're easy to hit and the mouse is super comfortable overall, which is why it earned a 94% in our review (April 2010).

Logitech G500

Price: $69.99 / £59.99 ■ Official site: Logitech Gaming Mouse G500

Logitech's G500 Gaming Mouse is a solid-feeling, super comfortable option for right-handers -- no other mouse fits my palm quite as snugly, even the RAT 7. The three side buttons, however, don't sit quite where my thumb naturally rests, and everything about the construction feels durable except for the scroll wheel, which wobbles more than I'd like. Still, its comfortable design makes it a good contender for extended clicking operations. I'd recommend the Razer or Steelseries mice above it, but if you already own a G500, it'll do just fine.

Logitech G300

Price: $39.99 / £34.99 ■ Official site: Logitech Gaming Mouse G300

On a budget, the ambidextrous Logitech G300 is a fine weapon, but you may want to try one before buying. It's small for my hand, and the side buttons are oddly placed on the top instead of the side, so you hit them with your primary clickin' finger instead of your thumb. It's not my favorite configuration, but those with smaller hands may love its compactness, and the placement of the extra buttons means that, unlike with the SteelSeries Diablo III mouse, you can easily hit all four extra buttons whether you're using your right or left hand.

Razer DeathAdder

Price: $59.99 / £54.99 ■ Official site: Razer

The DeathAdder is a great mouse, but if you have the option, you'll want more buttons for Diablo III. The same goes for many other good mice, such as SteelSeries' Kinzu, which work well for shooters but don't give you any extra control.

Logitech Trackman Marble

Price: $29.99 / £29.99 ■ Official site: Logitech Trackman Marble

Using a Trackman may result in self-inflicted wounds.


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