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MechWarrior Online contest puts free BattleMech up for grabs this weekend

Patrick Carlson at

One good way to get pilots into the hot seat of a new 'Mech is to let them fight for it. This weekend MechWarrior Online is giving players a clear path to ownership of a hulking and asymmetrical Thunderbolt variant—win five matches and the machine is yours.

The cost of eSports: Unknown Worlds breaks down Natural Selection 2 World Championship budget

Ian Birnbaum at

The Natural Selection 2 World Championship tournament played out in Cologne, Germany a couple of weeks ago, and the whole event was broadcast live over Twitch complete with lights, commentators, and prize money. The spectacle will be familiar to anyone who follows eSports, but now developer Unknown Worlds has shared with PC Gamer a detailed breakdown of what that event cost to put on and how that cash was used. It’s a rare look inside the costs of an eSports event.

EA doesn't think Battlefield 4 issues hurt sales

Ian Birnbaum at

EA released its financial statements from the third quarter of 2013 today, and most of it was concerned with these “consoles” I’ve been hearing about. Apparently there were a couple of big ones? Weird how I didn’t hear anything. Buried down in the release, though, was the bottom line: EA continues to make a ton of money from a lot of different places, including $186 million from PC gamers.