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Minecraft - PC Gamer UK's Game Of The Year

Jaz McDougall at

Can you dig it? Yes you can. Twelve months of getting square eyes with Minecraft.

When we each made up our personal list of favourite games this year, Minecraft was on nearly all of them. It’s a first-person fantasy game made of cubes. There are cubes of grassy soil stacked in contours to form mountains, smooth cliff faces that you can dig square tunnels into with your voxellated pickaxe, and cubic trees sprouting cubic leaves. Your head is a cube. The sun is a cube. In all probability, the world of Minecraft is a cube. You should also mentally cube the length of time you expect to spend in it, because it’s so stimulating and relaxing, so hypnotically compulsive, that you’ll never escape its grip.

The Minecraft Rube Goldberg machine

Tom Senior at

There are few things more satisfying than a massive chain reaction ending in an explosion. A creation by Minecraft player called Daniel looks to have taken the crown of best Rube Goldberg machine away from the one hidden in Fallout 3. This construction is the size of a small town and harnesses the forces of gravity, water, lava and chickens to create an epic chain reaction that culminates in the death of a twenty foot tall Creeper. You'll find the video below.

Minecraft is now in beta, leaf decay is back, "you can now throw eggs"

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It's been a long road, but Minecraft has finally entered beta. The transition comes with an update and a rise in price, marking the beginning of the next era of Minecraft's development. Read on for a list of the new updates.

Man plays Minecraft with Kinect

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Ever since the Kinect PC drivers were created by earlier this month, many programmers have gone to work finding new ways to use Microsoft's motion tracking camera. One man has managed to create a program that lets him play Minecraft by simply gesturing at the screen. There's a video below of the hack in action.

Minecraft updated, "sheep and cows look like sheep and cows now"

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For some games, patch notes read more like beat poetry than a list of code tweaks. Minecraft is one of those games. The latest update for Minecraft includes such gems as "zombie pigs eventually forgives" and "lava flows further in the Nether". Read on for the full list of changes.

Mind blown: Minecraft to link servers with portals

Tom Senior at

Notch has been hard at work crafting a massive Halloween update for Minecraft, which includes an entire hell dimension which can be mined for new materials, and used to fast travel across the overworld. But that's not all he's working on, earlier today he dropped a bombshell on Twitter, saying "Yes, you will eventually be able to link servers with portals." Read on for more information and an awesome bonus video.