Logitech unveils the G402 Hyperion Fury, claims "fastest gaming mouse" title

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Logitech's G402 Hyperion Fury "Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse" promises to be the fastest mouse on the planet, capable of reliably and accurately tracking at speeds of over 500 inches per second.

Logitech's G502 Proteus Core can run at 12,000 dpi: just because you can doesn't mean you should

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Logitech’s latest mouse, the G502 Proteus Core, arrived recently with the world’s first 12,000dpi-capable laser sensor at its heart. I’ve been playing around with it a lot over the last week or so and have been really impressed with the solid little rodent. However, I’ve not had a good time running the mouse at anything like its top speed.

Logitech announces G502 gaming mouse with 12,000 DPI sensor

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Logitech has a new gaming mouse, and that gaming mouse has an edgy name to go with its ridiculous new 12,000 DPI sensor: Proteus Core. Logitech's G502 Proteus Core is the successor to the G500s, which is just a year old. Logitech calls the 12,000 DPI sensor "the world's most powerful and accurate sensor" and say it's a brand new design that no other mouse on the market has.

The DPI race doesn't say much about sensor quality—most gamers use a DPI setting in the low thousands, and no one can realistically control a mouse at 1200 DPI—but Logitech claims the sensor has "zero acceleration, zero smoothing or filtering, and zero pixel rounding." Those are all magic words to hardcore gamers worried about mouse acceleration throwing off their aim. The Proteus Core's big new feature is the ability to calibrate the sensor on different surfaces to optimize tracking and lift-off distance

Steam Controller isn't enough: why PC gamers need a couch-friendly keyboard and mouse

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In 2013 Valve told us that it’s making a controller, an operating system, and is sanctioning PC manufacturers to create Steam Machines. The three-pronged campaign to put Steam in your living room, deliberately revealed ahead of the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, was the biggest PC gaming news of the year. It’s a move that establishes Valve as something that resembles a platform holder, something it’s been hesitant to do despite being the PC’s biggest online retailer.

Logitech lift the lid on their new generation of grime-proof gaming gear

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Logitech have announced a full refresh of their G series range of gaming peripherals, from mice and keyboards to headsets. They're not actually announcing any truly new products, but dollying up their existing line-up with new materials and improved internal components. Each of the new goodies comes with an added ‘s’ to the name, denoting the second generation of products.

What this really means is that if you’ve been looking into buying a current-gen Logitech peripheral then stay your hand, good sir/madam! The new line-up is going to drop in at exactly the same price-point, but isn’t going to be released until the start of April in the US and May in Europe.

PC Gaming Alliance contest carries Intel Ultrabook grand prize

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The PC Gaming Alliance, a non-profit group composed of influential hardware and software developers such as Intel and Epic, revealed today its Game United Contest and asked for entrants to record a video or write a wiki entry on the value and future of PC gaming for an Intel Ultrabook grand prize.

Logitech launches MMO mouse

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Logitech is to launch its first MMO mouse at the LANfest DreamHack next week, taking on rivals like Razer and Steelseries who've been cutting quite a niche for themselves with multibutton mice.

The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse boasts 20 – count 'em – buttons and a 'G-shift' key for binding two commands to one switch, it's available in which or black with 16million colour lighting behind the keycaps.

Logitech launches G400 mouse

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Mice are one of the hardest pieces of hardware to review. You take a mouse apart and analyse it from every technical angle possible, from its sensitivity to its response rate to its weight; but when it comes to gaming with one over a long period of time, one person's perfect bodied rodent is another person's RSI inducing wreck.

Fabulous prize: A complete Logitech gaming set!

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Without good peripherals, your brand-new, screaming-fast gaming rig can feel almost as aged and clunky as your old one. But attach a new complete set of a high-end mouse, keyboard and headset, and it completely changes the way you interact with your games.

And today could be your lucky day. Logitech has given PC Gamer two full sets of their freshly updated high-end gaming peripherals to award to our readers. Two winners will each receive:

The G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse
The G930 Wireless Headset
The G510 Gaming Keyboard

Let the contest begin! Click the jump to find out how to win!