Lesser-known episodic American McGee project Grimm is now on Greenlight

Katie Williams at

American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse are apparently big fans of, well, their own fans. Their fans' ability to make projects a thing, to be specific. Spicy Horse is perhaps one of the most prolific developers on Kickstarter, with current wish-I-was-real concept Alice: Otherlands in its final week of crowdfunding. So what's the news now? This time, its venturing into Greenlight territory, hoping to rejuvenate an old project, Grimm, with new found relevance through Steam.

TERA gets into the spirit of Halloween with new trailer

Gavin Townsley at

EnMasse has released a new spooky themed trailer for their upcoming MMO, TERA. In the style of a Grimm Fairy Tale, the video tells a story of a young woman who find trouble after venturing into the woods. While the video doesn't show off a lot of new content, it does feature a few of the games more TERA-fying creatures. I wonder if that shape-shifting hag will be a boss? She better hand out candy.