Giveaway: Enter to win an ASUS ROG GL551 gaming laptop

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We shot a lot of videos at PAX Prime. Everyone we talked to at the show signed a gaming laptop that we promised to give away soon after we got back from Seattle, and that time is now.

We're giving away three thousand Steam keys for 7 Days To Die - UPDATE: the keys have now been distributed

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The weekend's nearly here, and that means taking a break from the stresses of the week, right? Wrong. For us, it means working through the weekend at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, scooping up interviews and stories over the next four days (keep an eye on our YouTube channel, too). For you, the weekend means terror, desperation and bludgeoning a man to death for his last can of beans.

To celebrate our PAX weekend and yours, we have three thousand Steam keys for the early access survival game 7 Days To Die, and we're giving them to you. In true survival style, it's first-come-first served, so fight your way down to the box below.

We have five thousand Wildstar trial keys to give away

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You there! Are your next seven days not filled with an expansive and enjoyable MMO? Don't worry, we can fix that. We have 5,000 Wildstar trial keys, and we're literally giving them away. The keys—which are redeemable from Tuesday, 29 July—will give you a full week of Wildstar access, up to a Level 20 cap. Don't worry, that still means a trial period packed full of questing, Adventures, Dungeons and more.

Update: The keys have all been taken. Those that successfully claimed one should be getting their email soon.

Giveaway: Win a SteelSeries Rival Dota 2 Edition Mouse and SteelSeries Siberia V2 Dota 2 Edition Headset

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This weekend, the world's best Dota 2 teams will gather to compete for the biggest award in e-sports' history. While that life-changing prize is out of reach to all but the most talented of players, we can soften the blow with a chance to win some quality gaming peripherals and exclusive Dota 2 items. We're giving away three sets of SteelSeries goodies, containing the SteelSeries Rival Dota 2 Edition Mouse and Hell's Glare weapon, and the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Dota 2 Edition Headset and Scythe of Vyse weapon.

You have one day to grab a free Steam key for Dino D-Day, new giveaway tomorrow

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Our huge five-week multi-million Bundle Stars Steam key giveaway rumbles gloriously onwards. Tomorrow at 5PM BST we'll be giving away a new game, which gives you one last day to grab the amusing World War 2 dinosaurs vs. allied forces World War 2 shooter, Dino D-Day. You get to play as a T-Rex, or a velociraptor fighting on the side of axis forces. It's something you should experience at least once, so grab a free Steam key while you still can.

We're giving away five million Steam keys in five weeks, with Bundle Stars

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Later today a million visitors to with an eligible Steam account can get a free Steam key. We're giving away five games in the next five weeks, each available for seven days before being replaced, with a million Steam keys up for grabs every time.

Zachtronics Industries' SpaceChem will be our first giveaway. We gave this excellent puzzle game a score of 89 when it was released, and you can grab yourself a copy at 4PM BST today. A different free game from Bundle Stars will follow on each subsequent Wednesday, and you can expect a lot of variety from the lineup.

We have 100,000 copies of Pid to give away, with Bundle Stars

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Pid is a charming platform puzzler about a boy called Kurt, stranded on a strange planet full of robots and gadgets that let him manipulate gravity—extremely useful when you're trapped in a maze of pastel-coloured jumping puzzles. We have 100,000 Steam codes to give away for Might & Delight's cheerful adventure, worth £7 / $10 apiece. Read on to find out how to claim yours.

Giveaway: we have even more Elder Scrolls Online weekend beta keys for you

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Why it seemed like just yesterday that we were giving away access to this weekend's beta test for The Elder Scrolls Online, because it was. But earlier a portal to the plane of Oblivion opened, spaffed another thousand keys onto our laps and then disappeared, leaving only a faint hint of Draenor aftershave hanging in the air. It is our grave duty, then, to pass this sudden boon onto you with another beta key giveaway! Read on for details.

Giveaway: win access to this weekend's Elder Scrolls Online beta test

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Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios will be testing The Elder Scrolls Online this weekend. Would you like to wander the world of Tamriel before official release? We have 1400 beta keys to give away right now for Argonians quick enough to pluck one out of the e-hat below.

Update: this particulay giveaway is over! Thanks to all who entered.

Giveaway: grab a Wildstar beta key for this weekend's test

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Last week we gave away a bunch of Wildstar beta keys, giving testers an early look at Carbine's colourful new MMO. Fancy another go? We have a thousand keys to give away granting access to this weekend's beta test, and one of those could be yours, if you're quick. Read on for details.

Update: they're all gone! Thanks to those who entered.

Hearthstone beta key giveaway

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Hearthstone is a new card-battling game from Blizzard set in the WarCraft universe. You take the role of one of nine heroes, customise your deck (or roll with a standard preset) and then deploy monsters and spells against other players to destroy them, which levels you up and gives you virtual fun-bucks with which to buy packs of new cards. It's feels like PopCap have made a card game. Magic missiles whistle-thump against enemy cards. Big spells can obliterate the board in a quick, roaring conflagration. It's reactive, satisfying and simple, and you can play it right now if you happen to grab one of the 350 keys we have to give away below.

Giveaway: Win a Digital Storm gaming PC and a copy of Total War: Rome II

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Friends! Romans! PC gamers! Want a free copy of Total War: Rome II—and a beefy new gaming PC to play it on? We're giving away a Digital Storm Bolt PC and a copy of Creative Assembly's newest strategy game to one lucky reader.

Hearthstone beta key giveaway: grab instant access to Blizzard's new card battling game

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and then deploy monsters and spells against other players to destroy them, which levels you up and gives you virtual fun-bucks with which to buy packs of new cards. It's feels like PopCap have made a card game. Magic missiles whistle-thump against enemy cards. Big spells can obliterate the board in a quick, roaring conflagration. It's reactive, satisfying and simple, and you can play it right now if you happen to grab one of the 350 keys we have to give away below.

UPDATE: The first 350 have already gone! Blimey. The next giveaway will happen on this page at 3PM UK time on Friday 13/09/2013.

Update 2: We know that readers had trouble accessing the 13/09/2013 giveaway. For many, the page failed to update and the "grab a key" button didn't appear. While the site was suffering under exceptionally heavy load way in excess of the visits we received for the previous giveaway, some were able to access a Google cache of the site, log in and get a key. There is no evidence to suggest the keys were taken by bots. For the next giveaway we'll ensure that the competition isn't accessible via cache, and we'll reinforce our servers to cope with the demand. Apologies to those who were disappointed, we'll have another 350 keys for you next week.

Anomaly 2 beta key giveaway - competitive lazery maze death!

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"Tower Offence" is the term 11 Bit Studios invented to describe their 2011 man vs. machine lane attack game, Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Instead of planting towers to laser ordered waves of foes, you tailored convoys of attackers and funneled them down routes strewn with stationary alien pew-pew machines. Anomaly 2 will offer a prettier variation on the same idea, with an additional multiplayer mode lets two players mobilise forces against one another.

Build an amazeballs lazer maze! Kill your friends! For free! We have 2000 beta keys to give away. Read on for your chance to secure a key that's yours and only yours forever. Or at least until the beta ends at the start of May.

Giveaway — Guild Wars 2 free weekend preview keys

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If you haven't dipped your toe into the world of Tyria yet, here's your chance to try it without having to pay the usual toe-dipping toll. We've got 10,000 codes to give away that will give you access to Guild Wars 2 at no charge from Friday the 19th until Monday the 21st. Read on to find out how to claim one!

Exclusive giveaway — Company of Heroes 2 beta keys

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Update: All 20,000 keys have been distributed. Thanks to everyone who grabbed one—look for more thrilling giveaways from us in the future.

For seven years, the original Company of Heroes has stood as our highest-rated RTS of all time. As its successor marches toward a late June release, we're happy to be able to exclusively offer about a division's worth of Company of Heroes 2 beta keys to you all. Want one?

There's a Defiance beta test this weekend. We have 2500 keys. Win one!

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There are aliens in the ruins of future San Fran. Fight them. FIGHT THEM. TO THE BITTER END. If you like. Defiance is having another beta weekend. It's the new sci-fi MMO from the creators of Rift, Trion Worlds. It's set to run alongside the SyFy sci-fi series of the same name. Events in the show will apparently influence the game world, but these fancy multimedia cross-over features won't mean much if the game isn't much cop. Fire all your judgement lasers at this weekend's beta with the aid of one of our many, many keys. They're stacked floor-to-ceiling in front of the toilets, so please grab them fast, we're bursting.

1000 Smite beta keys up for grabs - plus win ALL the gods

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With the Mayan apocalypse imminent, we imagine you’re looking to your god to save you. Well, in a link so tenuous even Kevin Bacon would have trouble joining the dots, we’re giving away 1,000 codes for the closed Beta of Smite, an arena battler where you choose from a selection of gods as your champion.

Win a life-sized Doomhammer replica

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Don't you just hate it when you run squealing to the Christmas tree on December the 25th only to tearfully discover that not a single one of your relatives has bought you the life-sized fantasy weapon replica you had been very visibly, audibly coveting at every opportunity? Well, now you can avert this terrible calamity by obtaining one for yourself - and, thanks to Blizzard's generosity, all for free! Find out how after the jump.

Free stuff for your free games: Need for Speed World giveaway

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Battlefield Heroes isn't super serious and it isn't super competitive, but I still have fun bouncing around inside there from time to time, sneaking around cartoon European towns and backstabbing Nazi knock-offs. (Or seeing how high I can jump on its absurd moon map.)

But two of those goofy vehicles in BFH just made the leap into the super serious, super competitive world of EA's racing MMO, Need For Speed World. We've got codes to unlock these high-end racers, along with some starter packs of cash shop coin and beginner cars.