Support charity and win a set of Winter Wonderland gaming peripherals by entering our giveaway!

An image showing the gaming chair, mouse, keyboard, and microphone available in the Winter giveaway.
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I've got a confession to make: Absolutely none of my PC peripherals match. My mouse is some kind of green, my monitor is red and black, and my keyboard is a toxic clash of colours that have never ever encountered one another in nature. It's a mess, but you don't have to make my mistake, because we've joined up with Overclockers UK, noblechairs, Endgame Gear, and Ducky to give out a set of peripherals in gleaming winter white. It's all in support of SpecialEffect, a charity that uses technology to help people with physical challenges enjoy games and improve their quality of life.

We're giving away a full kit: The winner will get their hands on a noblechairs LEGEND gaming chair, a Ducky One 3 Classic keyboard, plus an XSTRM RGB mic and XM1-RGB mouse from Endgame Gear. They're all in Winter Wonderland white, so not only will your dinner guests never mock you for the garish hues on your desk, you'll be seasonally appropriate, too.

That's a nice kit, by the way; noblechairs currently hold a coveted spot on our best gaming chairs list, and the LEGEND features a few swish improvements over the model featured there. Meanwhile, the Ducky One 3 is a gorgeous pick from our best gaming keyboards list that's built like a tank but looks like a corvette. Pair gear like that with Endgame Gear's Omron-switch-equipped mouse (which uses a patented algorithm to achieve zippy-quick response times) and fancy XSTRM mic and you'll have hit the, uh, endgame. 

Wait, I just got the joke.

To enter the giveaway, you'll need to head over to the PC Gamer forums and sign in or create an account. Then, once you've stopped being distracted by the name that game quiz and heated debates over the best shooter on PC (it's EYE: Divine Cybermancy), you'll need to reply to this thread with a comment telling us which SpecialEffect project you wanna hear more about.

Once that's done, just mosey over to the link below and complete the entry options! Then you can get back to arguing about shooters (Deus Ex is also an acceptable answer).

Enter our Winter Wonderland giveaway!

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