We're teaming up with Modiphius for an epic Skyrim board game giveaway!

A lineup of Skyrim board game sets, showing what's winnable during this giveaway.
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If you're anything like me, you've spent approximately 52,000 hours staring at the world map of Skyrim, gaily fast travelling between cities and landmarks. Well guess what? Now you can stare at it for another reason-defying amount of time, but on your actual, physical tabletop, because PC Gamer is teaming up with Modiphius to give away a Skyrim: The Adventure Game set, the board game version of the game you can play on your PC, your console, and your voice assistant.

Skyrim: The Adventure Game puts you and up to three friends in the shoes of the Blades—Tamriel's legendary spy organisation and those people you ignored when they told you to kill Charles Martinet—as they try to "defeat enemies, embark on intriguing quests and face the looming threat that seeks to destroy everything you swore to protect".

It's all the parts of Skyrim you love: Building a character, futzing with your equipment, and delving into deep, dark, dank dungeons. You just won't need a GPU to power it. Plus, it even comes with expansions! Giveaway entrants stand a chance of winning not only the Skyrim: The Adventure Game core package, but its Dawnguardand From The Ashes add-ons as well. That means new adventures, new miniatures, and new ways to meet a sticky end at the hand of Tamriel's myriad enemies. It's all worth it just to stand a chance of winning this delightful ice troll if you ask me.

Entering couldn't be simpler. To stand a chance of winning, all you have to do is:

  • Sign in to your PCG forums account or create one.
  • Reply to this thread (without quoting the original post) and tell us what delightful refreshment you would order in a tavern.
  • Enter via this competition widget to confirm your entry. Please also leave your PC Gamer forum username in the widget. It's incredibly important you don't skip this step!

Apologies to the strong Morrowind contingent among our readership, but entrants have to be from North America or the UK/Europe for this one. Sorry folks!

Otherwise, that's everything you need to know to enter. So hop to it, Nordling, and best of luck!

Joshua Wolens
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