Dota 2 update

Dota 2's New Bloom update will let you rewrite history and rise like a phoenix

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Phoenixes traditionally symbolise rebirth, but that's not always the case. They also have pretty strong links to death: as seen by the quality of the third X-Men movie, or here, by the deadliness of Dota 2's new Hero. The eternally inflammable bird headlines the Day 3 announcement phase of tomorrow's New Bloom update. The update won't be completely without the spirit of renewal, however. A newly announced feature will let players Quantum Leap into replays, taking control of the action in an attempt to rewrite history.

Dota 2's New Bloom heralds the arrival of the Year Beast, also Terrorblade

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Dota 2's holidays are a volatile thing. Diretide was delayed, and Frostivus is constantly cancelled. Will the fledgling celebration of New Bloom fair any better? Probably. After all, it centres around the arrival of a giant, evil beast that must be smashed and bashed to pieces. In this world of lane-pushing wizardry, violence and terror(blade) would seem to be the secret to long-lasting and untampered festivities.

Dota 2 update brings a host of changes to hero abilities and item perks

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Dota 2's latest update is massive. From general gameplay to hero abilities to item perks, patch 6.79 carves a wide path through the free-to-play game's online infrastructure. The details released today by Valve only reinforce the notion that there's an incredibly deep and granular complexity under the surface of Dota 2.

Dota 2 update adds better bots, new special chests and new hero: Templar Assassin

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This week's Dota 2 update is a chunky one in spite of the addition of just the one hero. Templar Assassin's long range traps and invisibility powers will give gankers an intriguing new skillset to work with, but this week's winners are fans of Dota 2's round blue king of camp, Storm Spirit. His new announcer pack brings a bit of bonus melodrama to Dota's lane battles. Those with a bit more money to burn can make use of a new breed of special chests full of exclusive items. They can be opened with keys bought in the Dota 2 store.

That's not all, though. Bug fixes, better bot behaviour and new items all get a mention in the latest Dota 2 update. Let's get stuck in.

Dota 2 update adds new heroes: Disruptor and Undying

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BWAAAARM. The audacious horn/bong/bwaaarm noise that loudly announces that you've been slotted into a game in Dota 2 is also a fitting one with which to introduce the two new heroes added by the latest weekly patch. Look, an Orc riding a Tauntaun with a backpack made of tesla coils! It must be Thrall the Disruptor, here to mess up your Dota 2 strategies with a combination of electrical strikes and forced teleports. But woah, what's that awful smell? Has that Tauntaun let off a banger again? Oh, no. That's just Dirge the Undying dragging his fetid carcass to the party. Welcome to the party Dirge, just ... try not to touch anything.

But what can these new heroes do, and what changes have been made in the latest patch? Let's find out.