Don't Starve

Don't Starve Together closed beta applications are now being taken

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Back in May, Don't Starve developer Klei Entertainment said that the multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together would be here this summer. That's clearly not going to happen, but work is still continuing, and the studio is now looking for volunteers to take part in the upcoming closed beta test.

Don't Starve Together trailer shows haunting multiplayer, meaty effigies

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We already knew that Klei's beautifully illustrated survival game Don't Starve would be getting a multiplayer component this summer, but we hadn't yet seen a glimmer of it in action. If you think I'm leading up to a new trailer showing the new multiplayer mode in action...well, you're dead right. The following prototype footage reveals that it involves ghosts and meat-based effigies, just like my fourteenth birthday.

The week's highs and lows in PC gaming

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Every Friday the PC Gamer team revisits the week that was, turning the wheat into delicious bread and the chaff into… What even is chaff? Can it be burned? Anyway, you know the drill: good stuff on page one, less so on page two…

Don't Starve multiplayer expansion coming this summer

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Klei's season-survivor Don't Starve excels as a single-player experience, where a world full of dark forests, Moose-Goose, and warm beards tickles that roguelike itch in all the right ways. A missing and seemingly expected element of the genre—and a subject of heated debate across multiple closed threads on the game's official forums—is multiplayer support so friends can huddle together against winter's chill or place hats on neighboring pig-folk. Surprise: Klei's planning a multiplayer expansion out this summer and free for current Starvians.

Don't Starve's Reign Of Giants DLC stomps onto Steam, Klei says "beware of summer"

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If, like me, you're an inveterate Don't Starveaholic with a 300+ day save game, then you probably won't see another screenshot more exciting this year than the one above, showing Webber, one of the new characters in the Reign Of Giants DLC, looking melancholy in a sowester. It's live now on Steam Early Access, entry to which will set you back $4.

Don't Starve's Reign Of Giants DLC gets diminutive new teaser

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Do armies of spiders bend to your cruel will? Are you already a slum landlord presiding over a bustling village of indentured pig serfs? Is your savannah refuge stocked with so many ice boxes and dragon pies that the very idea of starving long since became laughable?

If so, my hubristic wilderness wanderer, then the new ‘Reign Of Giants’ DLC for Don't Starve is going to be for you. After a slew of free updates, this is the first piece of paid content for Klei's procedurally-generated permadeath-risking survival sandbox – although it’s still unclear how much the update will cost, when it will arrive, or what will actually be in it. Huh.

Don't Starve will be Reigning Giants (hallelujah) this autumn

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Hungry hungry survival game Don't Starve is teasing a new piece of DLC, and it seemingly involves giants. They're probably going to do some reigning! Plus stomping, growling and being tall. You know, standard giant stuff. Those are some insights I've gleaned from the following Reign of Giants trailer, which suggests an Autumn (Americans: it's like your 'Fall') release, while revealing literally nothing about the expansion. If you want to study the 23 second video for yourself, you can do so beneath the giant's causeway I like to call 'the break'.

Don't Starve gets fed Steam Workshop support, has new Ruins level for dessert

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It should be fairly easy not to starve in Don't Starve now, what with Klei's survival game having been given Steam Workshop support. Simply use the modding tools to whip up a tasty delicacy, or download someone else's from this rapidly expanding buffet. There's already rather a lot of cool mods available for the game, and now they can be more easily shared and integrated into yours. Additionally, Klei have added a new level to the Caves system: "the abandoned ruins of a once great civilization", home to an Ancient Guardian and a Dangling Depth Dweller Spider. Now that's alliteration.

Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve developer unveils tactical espionage game Incognita

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Don’t Starve has only just begun avoiding malnutrition post-launch and developer Klei Entertainment already has an entirely new project in the works.

Don't Starve update adds caves and bunnies

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If you’ve been itching for more Don’t Starve content, Klei Entertainment has just added some dark, dank caves for you to explore in an update today.

Steam Trading Cards releases in beta, introduces game badges, XP, and leveling

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Join the Steam Trading Cards group on Steam to score a beta invite so you can start collecting trading cards, earning XP, and leveling up—yup, Steam just got gamified.

Don't Starve makes it to Steam, and it's 10% off

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If you're hungering for a new indie release, you'll now be able to avoid those inevitable stomach-gnawing pangs, because the whimsically sepia-tinged Don't Starve has grown out of its awkward beta phase to stand among the indie greats on Steam.