Diablo 3 game designer makes a case for slower combat

Perry Vandell at

In the dark depths of Blizzard's forums, the Senior Technical Game Designer of Diablo III, Wyatt Cheng, suspended his soul-reaping rampage to answer few questions players had regarding Diablo III's soon-to-be slower combat. His main point: A combat system emphasizing shallow health pools and high DPS is toxic to strategy.

Ten minutes of Guild Wars 2 combat footage

Josh Augustine at

The Thief is coming, and you should be scared. We've already spent hours playing as the sixth profession announced for Guild Wars 2, and are putting together a reveal for the magazine that goes in-depth into our experience with the class. Our hands-on account details the unique skills that grabbed our attention and distinguish it from the other professions, and tells the sad tale of one Thief (me), who used those skills to battle an entire tribe of Grawls at once--and die horribly.

Until that issue of our magazine arrives on your doorstep, sate your thirst for Guild Wars 2 info with this 10-minute video of raw, bloody combat of multiple professions in Guild Wars 2!