The Super Meat Boy speedrun record has been beaten by two seconds

Yes, it is news.

It's been a year, but the Super Meat Boy any% speedrun record has finally been bettered. Achieved yesterday as part of Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, Hamb's 17:41 run only shaves two seconds of the previous title holder (vorpal's 17:43 run), but that's how records work. It doesn't matter how seemingly unimpressive the improvement is.

According to some interesting discussion on the speedrunning subreddit, the factor that often determines a successful Super Meat Boy run is the Larry boss encounter in the Rapture. Basically, the three foes in that encounter whip across the screen at random, meaning the RNG can make or break a successful run. 

Whatever the case, watching Super Meat Boy played well is a sight to behold, so you might as well behold it:


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