Project Stealth screenshots tease upcoming asymmetrical indie multiplayer

Phil Savage


It would technically be possible to describe Project Stealth in a way that wasn't just, "it's like Spies vs Mercs from the old Splinter Cell games." Possible, but pointless, because, however you did it, you'd still be describing something that was just, "it's like Spies vs Mercs from the old Splinter Cell games."

It's a "community-driven" indie project that offers 2v2 multiplayer matches in which a team of spies tries to use their sneakability to outwit a team of mercenaries. It's being built in Unreal Engine 4 and, well, basically it's like Spies vs Mercs from the old Splinter Cell games. Its creators have now relaunched the game's website , and posted a new set of prototype screenshots.

"We want the player to find a good partner to make strategies and tactics with," write the team, on explaining what makes the game 'unique'. "Also we will reward partners for playing together often. This is the best way to enjoy a Spy vs Mercs game, in our opinion."

The game is still in a "done when it's done" phase, with no launch date or release price announced. For more, head over to the official site.

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