Minecraft Game of Thrones project builds a blocky Westeros

Tom Hatfield


Have you seen WesterosCraft yet? It's an incredibly ambitious effort to recreate the world of Game of Thrones in Minecraft, and it looks astonishing. These screenshots, found on Fortunatemend's Imgur album, show the whole thing off perfectly.

Click through to take a look at some of the coolest landmarks.



We start, appropriately enough, at Winterfell. Home of the Starks and bastion of the North. It's got an impressively cold and frosty feel, as depicts such a harsh climate. I wonder how they got the Minecraft weather to conform to Westeros' geography?


The Wall

The Wall! They made The Wall! God it's huge isn't is? The angle of the shot here is particularly good, it makes the whole thing look appropriately massive, almost giving you vertigo.

This build also has a time lapse video .



Dragonstone, home of the totally serious, totally sensible Stannis Baratheon. Except when it comes to cults and crazy fire priestesses. That's a bit of a grey area for him.

You can also watch a time lapse video of this one being built.



Pyke is the capital of the Iron Islands, who basically have an entire culture based around being colossal dicks. Still if you lived on a barren rock in the middle of the sea where absolutely nothing grows, you'd probably take to raiding the mainland too. Of course that doesn't excuse Theon. Nothing excuses Theon.

This build also has a time lapse video of its construction.



Those following the series won't have really seen Lannisport yet, but anyone reading the books will recognise it from the pictures in their mind, which have apparently been beamed directly into Minecraft.


The Eyrie

The Eyrie is the home of the late John Ayrnn, whose death kicks off the plot. It's located high up in a gigantic mountain, and is thus nearly impossible to attack. TV veiwers may remember Tyrion being held here in series one, a problem that was eventually solved by Bron kicking a guy through a hole. Because Bron is awesome.

This build also has a time lapse video of its construction.


Casterly Rock

While Lannisport may be the home of the Lannisters, Casterly Rock is their stronghold. You know, for the longest time while watching the show I thought this was called 'Castley Rock' as in 'a rock that's a bit like a castle.' I was disappointed to find out that it was just me hearing it wrong, not that the Lannisters were secretly crap at naming things.

This build also has a time lapse video .

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