Max Payne 3 PC screenshots have even hotter Hawaiian shirt

Max Payne 3

The PC version of Max Payne 3 "will feature gloriously increased resolution and graphical detail" according to the Rockstar site . I'll believe that when I see it! I thought, then spotted these new Max Payne 3 screenshots. You win this round, Rockstar. The added crispness of the PC shots brings a few new details to the fore, like the parrots on Payne's blazing Hawaiian shirt, and the bulging wrist-veins of a man who has taken too many painkillers during too many gunfights. See some Max having a lie down on the job, and more of Max Payne 3's sunny Brazilian favelas below. Don't forget to click to blow them up to maximum size. It's the only way to absorb those parrots in all their gaudy majesty.


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