Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Genre(s): Shooter
UK Release Date:
US Release Date:
UK Publisher: Activision
US Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Age Rating: ESRB Mature | PEGI 18

Love CoD or hate CoD, you're probably still playing it - and if you aren't, then millions of other people are. This sequel to the largely sixties-set CIA-conspiracy-fest that was the original Black Ops relocates the action to the near future, adding science-fiction weapons and vehicles, and revamping the multiplayer in the process. CoD is now an eSport - or it intends to be.

Multi-team games allow three teams to fight it out for the first time, while Kill Streaks have been replaced by Score Streaks, which reward objective-completion rather than constant killing. Treyarch's excellent Zombies mode has also had a number of small adjustments, but it's the main campaign that surprises this time, boasting a branching narrative and even multiple endings.

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Though hokey, tired and periodically shambolic, the campaign has a few new tricks, but it’s the fulsome multiplayer that saves Blops 2 from shame.

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