Transcontinental flights are a tricky thing, which may be why World of Warplanes' open beta launch is so spread out. If you're in Russia or North America,'s free-to-play multiplayer dogfighter is ready for take-off. You can hop on board right now, assuming the website's pre-flight maintenance has finished. For us in Europe, it's not due to land until July 4th. Until then, we'll have to make do with new screenshots and a launch trailer.

The open beta will feature planes from the United States, the Soviet Union, Germany and Japan, fighting across 15 vs. 15 player maps. Or skies, I guess. The beta also brings a new tutorial, to help put new pilots through their paces.

Has Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi said anything to mark the occasion? He has: "We thank every single World of Warplanes player out there, whether they're just getting into the game during open beta or have been with us since the very start. The game has grown and evolved tremendously since we first announced it and I'm confident virtual pilots are going to be extremely excited when they get behind the cockpits of the game's truly amazing warbirds."

To play WoW... nope, can't do that. To play WoWP, head over to the official website. Unless you're in Europe, in which case you'll want to go here instead. But not until Thursday.