Free games of the week

Tiny Worlds in Flasks by Fi Silva

In olden days, building a scene inside a glass bottle was a magnificently complicated affair, however thanks to Fi Silva's Tiny Worlds in Flasks you can make something similar with only a few clicks of your mouse. After choosing a receptacle, and then either filling it with water, forest or a verdant meadow, you're given a few scenery objects to plonk inside. When you're done, you can take a snapshot of your aesthetically pleasing, but not-very-hard work—and then be sure to check out what others have put together.

Small World by JimmyBG

Isometric platforming is not the...easiest pursuit, given how difficult it can be to remember where each non-isometric cursor press is going to take you. Despite its tricky iso-platforming, Small World is a pretty brill thing: an inventive puzzler sporting a fun set of usable tools. It's set on a series of floating islands, see, and  when you find two of them hovering together, you can use a spade to splinter them apart. That action creates new platforming possibilities, as does your ability to use a grappling hook to bring islands closer together. There are a few rough edges, but a really solid idea at Small World's floating core.

Path of the Rabbit by Daniel Linssen

In this smart puzzle game (I guess you could also call it a roguelike?) you have to lay tiles in front of a computer-controlled rabbit, who will follow the lines present on each (seemingly randomly distributed) card. You have to lead the wabbit to water every few moves—and be sure to keep them active or else they'll croak after a couple of turns—while watching out for the foxes determined to make them into dinner. Surviving is hard enough, but if you want a hope of beating the game's boss monsters, you'll need to take on those foxes, gradually increasing in power with each battle you (hopefully) win.

Ghost Hospital by SpitBlaze

As a girl named Robin, you wake up in a purgatorial hospital set up to give treatment to the newly dead—there's just one teeny problem, and it's that you're (somehow) still alive. This top-down RPG adventure features a novel setting, and great writing, characters and pixel art—fans of similar things like Undertale and Yume Nikki are going to love it. It might be a game about “anxiety, depression, despair, mental rock bottoms”, but it's much sweeter and funnier than that description leads you to believe.