Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon creative director wants to make a sequel

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

This time last year you'd never have guessed that news of Far Cry 3 would leak via the one and only Michael Biehn. But y'know, this is the future. Anything can happen. Speaking on Major Nelson Radio recently, Biehn revealed that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creative Director, Dean Evans, is having internal discussions at Ubisoft about a potential future for the '80s sci-fi spin off.

"Dean was with me on the phone last night," Biehn said in that voice . "He was pretty jacked up. He was going into a meeting today. I think he wants to turn it [Blood Dragon] into some sort of franchise. He's got a sequel in mind."

If you haven't played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon yet, you ought to do so. It's basically Far Cry 3 with a kitsch '80s cyberpunk aesthetic. There's also giant dragons that shoot lasers from their eyes. Check out the launch trailer .


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