Commander Video: Bit.Trip Runner becomes a free browser-based endless platformer

Commander Video takes the rhythm based auto-running of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and (deep breath) BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien , and retrofies it into a browser-based endless platformer based on the sequel's 16-bit bonus stages. Think Canabalt, but instead of the catastrophic destruction of an invaded cityscape, you've got spiders and springboards and a constant stream of rainbows. Much better.

It's not as responsive a platformer as the main game, and the randomly generated levels mean there's no syncing to the beat; but the basic actions remain the same. You'll jump, slide and kick your way through a series of increasingly difficult obstacles, collecting gold to unlock new characters along the way.

Head to the Commander Video site to play. And if you'd like a score to roundly trounce, here's my latest one:

Thanks, Eurogamer .


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