AMD's 10 core Piledriver chips revealed

Adam Oxford


amd roadmap

The net is alive today with news that AMD is planning a 10 core CPU sometime next year, based on a revision to their Bulldozer design codenamed Piledriver.

The new processor was revealed in a deck of presentation slides leaked by the Chinese news site , and shows that these new processors won't have on board graphics and will require a new motherboard socket, called FM2, which supercedes the current AM3+ board. Just behind these 'up to 10 core' CPUs is confirmation of the Trinity CPU/GPU hybrid that was announced at Computex, which will also use the Piledriver architecture and FM2 socket.

While we're still waiting to see samples of the delayed Bulldozer CPUs - which will have up to eight cores and be known as the AMD FX when they launch - this isn't surprising news. AMD had already said that they plan to launch 10 core server chips codenamed Sepang next year, so it makes sense that the desktop line will follow suit.

Not surprising, but still quite exciting. A decacore processor gives games developers an interesting target to work towards for elements of the game engine that can be heavily multithreaded.

(via The Inquirer )

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