A Bird Story is a stopgap between To The Moon and its sequel; new trailer and release date announced

To The Moon creator Kan Go has offered a trailer and further details for A Bird Story , announced last year as a follow up to the critically acclaimed indie. According to Go the game is an "hour-long adventure" which will bridge the gap between episode one of To The Moon and a forthcoming second episode.

A dialogue-free story "about a boy who found an injured bird", A Bird Story is self-contained and due for release November 5 through Steam and GoG. It's not the first time Go has released a small game designed to be played in one sitting: in January he released a To The Moon "minisode" which he hoped players would complete "front-to-end in a little marathon".

While A Bird Story will take place in the same universe as To The Moon, it will not feature protagonists Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene. The starring boy in A Bird Story will go on to star in the next episode of To The Moon as an elderly man, in a game Go says "truly means something to me".

Check out the new trailer below:


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