The 100 best horror games on PC

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Welcome to my humble abode. Do have a seat on that high-back chair. Here, take this brandy, don’t mind the raven above the chamber door, and try not to make eye contact with the scary portrait above the fireplace. Don’t touch the hideous idol on the mantlepiece, either. It almost certainly isn’t haunted, but you can never be too sure.

Let’s talk about horror games. They’ve been with us for decades. Alone in the Dark gave us a haunted house to escape from in ‘92. Doom pit players against nightmarish hordes in ‘93, and things have gotten stranger in the neighbourhood since then. Recently, the likes of Slender and SCP Containment Breach have scared half of the internet into a gibbering fugue state, and there are dozens of horror games being assembled in dungeon labs all over the world this very moment.

We thought it was about time we celebrated the best of horror, from tense survivalist nightmares to ultra-gib hellspawn massacres. Whether you prefer the loud guns and scripted shocks of FEAR to the quiet dread of Amnesia, there are plenty of horror classics here, but we hope you find something new and terrifying in this 90-strong collection, which includes some of the scariest and strangest games ever made.

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As compiled and written by Tom “Slasher” Sykes, Phil “Actually Savage works nicely” Savage, Richard “Raw Carnage” Cobbett and Tom “Screamior?” Senior, who all died during the writing of this article in mysterious circumstances. Pray for their zombie bones.