Star Trek beams down new trailer and screens

Richard Cobbett at

However the tie-in for the rebooted Star Trek goes, you certainly can't call it a quick cash-in. Taking place between the film we've seen and the sequel on its way, you'll get to explore the galaxy, shoot people as either Kirk or Spock, and battle the Gorn - presumably without having to painstakingly create your own weapons. There will also be lens flares. Quite possibly all the lens flares.

Not enough? Here are some suitably action-packed pictures to go along with it.

No! You fool! Run AWAY from the big explosion!

If only we could set phasers to ricochet.

Not sure what's going on here, but I suspect some kind of Milkman Conspiracy.

Star Trek: No Subtitle is due out in early 2013, with the next movie hot on its heels.

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