TF2 gets hatless update. Features KOTH Badlands, coaching tools and performance tweaks instead

Owen Hill at

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In a bold move, Valve have released a Team Fortress 2 update that doesn't contain any hats. Not even a little one.

It's got loads of other cool stuff though, including coaching and training tools, an improved voting system, better performance, and a dedicated King of the Hill version of Badlands. Badass.

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The new coaching tools will matchmake you with a more experienced player who can give helpful hints while tethered to you. If you end up tethered to Craig, we recommend an immediate reboot.

There are also improved tutorials for the Demo Man, Engineer, and Spy, dedicated class duels, and more intelligent bots, for all you bot-hunters out there. Better voting, voice chat, loading times, and the ability to link a server to a Steam ID will help optimise your sessions and generate a real sense of hubris.

Read the complete patch notes here.

Are you sad about the lack of hats? Or have you got enough already?

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