YouTuber replaces every Dark Souls 3 texture with Nic Cage and Shrek

YouTube chap Limit Breakers recently wowed/shocked/disgusted us by replacing every Dark Souls 3 texture with crabs, and it appears he’s at it again—this time at the behest of viewers. After putting it to a vote and thereafter rounding up the most popular suggestions, Limit Breakers’ latest peculiar Dark Souls proclivity lets you swap out single textures from the action role-player for the likes of Shrek, the word ‘Poise’, and Hollywood star Nicolas Cage, among other equally bizarre characters and monikers.      

“Just some guy who likes taking dumb ideas to the limit,” aptly reads the About page of the Limit Breakers channel, which evidently translates to something that looks like this:

With that, I can't help but wonder: why would someone be inclined to do this? Who knows, but in the event you’d like to try it yourself, Limit Breakers has provided a handy ‘how to’ guide

When the crab video first surfaced, Andy suggested it might be “some kind of psychological payback for a bad encounter a Great Crab” in the past. Nic Cage and Shrek, on the other hand? Again, who knows. A strange Monday morning discovery, indeed.