You will soon be able to plug an Oculus Quest headset into a PC to play Rift games

Some nifty updates are headed to the Oculus Quest, the best VR headset in terms of bang-for-buck. In addition to hand and finger tracking set to arrive next year by way of a firmware update, in the more immediate future, you will soon be able to plug the Quest into a PC and play titles developed for the higher-end Rift headset.

The magic will happen through Oculus Link, special software to enable playing Rift games on the Quest. Once it rolls out, Quest owners will be able to plug the headset into a gaming PC via USB-C and play Rift games—this essentially transforms the Quest into a PC VR headset.

"For developers, this means it’s now possible to build high-end PC games and experiences while taking advantage of the biggest possible market and connecting with new audiences as the Quest community grows. Oculus Link is truly the best of both worlds: the high-end gaming of Rift when connected to a PC, with the ease and portability of Quest on-the-go," Oculus says.

That is an intriguing proposition for a $399 headset (and it puts the $399 Rift S in an awkward market position). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says this should work with most USB-C cables, including the one that ships with the Quest, though Oculus also plans on releasing a "premium optical fiber cable to provide a best-in-class experience with maximum throughput and comfortable ergonomics" later this year.

Oculus Link will roll out in November.

Paul Lilly

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