You have one day to grab a free Steam key for Really Big Sky

As you'll note from the screenshot above, Really Big Sky has an exciting ratio of exploding space to non-exploding space. As a roaming spaceship, you spray globs of super-heated plasma like a brachiosaurus trapped in an infinite sneeze , dousing the enemies of man in neon spew until they explode. It's a fast-paced, twin-stick arcade shooter with procedurally generated levels that occasionally lets you drill through entire planets to pick up powerups lodged in their mantle. Fancy getting the whole game for free? You have just under twenty-four hours, captain. Grab your key here .

Yes, week three of our huge five-week giveaway, held in association with Bundle Stars , is almost at a close. But feat not, at 4PM BST tomorrow we will move inexorably onto STAGE FOUR, in which we give away a million Steam keys for another game, as is now our wont. I can't say what it is, but I can exclusively tease the fact that it may contain monkeys. FREE MONKEYS—only here, on


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