You have just one week to vote on the Ultimate Game of the Year for the 2023 Golden Joystick awards

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The Golden Joystick Awards has opened shortlists in three of its most major categories: Ultimate Game of the Year (UGOTY), Best Supporting Performer, and Best Lead Performer—and you can vote on them right now. If you're wondering why I'm telling you this, it's because the Golden Joystick awards are run by PC Gamer's parent company, Future.

This is the 41st show, and the event's been running strong since 1983. This year's competition is massive, with over 20 categories the gaming public can vote on. Several opened earlier this month, but these three in particular were moved due to late arrivals like Spider-Man 2. Voting will stay open until 11pm GMT (4pm PT, 7pm ET) Monday, October 30. 

The shortlist for Ultimate Game of the Year in particular is massive, owing to the fact this has been a pretty wild year for gaming. It saw one of our highest-scoring games in 16 years, the final pin in Cyberpunk 2077's long, painful redemption story, and some fantastic out-of-nowhere indie hits like Dave the Diver too. 

When it comes to PC games, the shortlist includes Baldur's Gate 3, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Starfield, Cocoon, Hi-Fi Rush, Lords of the Fallen, Diablo 4, and more. It's cross platform too, so if you've snagged yourself a PS5 and are having a blast, swinging through New York in Spider-Man 2 while I desperately wait for news of a port, now's your chance to make your voice known.

"We’ve created our biggest ever UGOTY shortlist," says Future content director Daniel Dawkins. "It’s never been more difficult for our judging panel to discuss a game’s relative merits. And that’s without the complication of online titles being constantly patched and improved, while more major releases tread the line between game expansion and full-blown title, leading to difficult decisions."

The Best Supporting and Lead Performer categories are star-studded to match, with talents like Yuri Lowenthal (Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2) and Idris Elba (Solomon Reed in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty) standing alongside some key players from Baldur's Gate 3: Neil Newbon (Astarion) and Amelia Tyler (The Narrator). 

You can cast your votes now. Again, voting closes October 30, so you've got just barely over a week to do so. The show itself will go live November 10, announcing the winners with its first in-person event since the pandemic, though it'll also be streamed globally—so you'll be able to tune in and see if your personal favourite is crowned the Ultimate Game of the Year 2023.

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