You can now have Hatsune Miku dancing inside your PC

Case makers need to offer more models with transparent LCD side panels. Like, right now. We caught a glimpse of this last year when iBuyPower showed off its Project Snowblind PC at Computex, and more recently, someone outfitted an In Win 707 case with a transparent LCD and turned their PC into a virtual dance stage. For hologram pop star Hatsune Miku, naturally.

In this case, the modder didn't just slap a transparent LCD panel on his case and call it a day. He tweaked the inside of the chassis to create a dance stage, so that when Hatsune Miku  appears on the side panel, it looks like she is actually inside the PC.

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Here is a look at the PC with the side panel removed:

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A slightly different version of this case mod was on display earlier this summer in Tokyo. It is the same case and general setup, except there is a liquid cooling reservoir sharing the stage with Hatsune Miku.

Modders have been using LCD side panels on cases for several years now, dating back to at least 2013. Case makers haven't fully embraced the technology yet, but now that Hatsune Miku's involved, we can only assume they'll pay attention.

Paul Lilly

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