You can get FTL free with Into the Breach for a limited time

Intro the Breach, FTL developer Subset Games' latest, is finally out, and it's fantastic. The tiny little tactics game scored our first 90 of the year, and for good reason: Alex called it an exacting, agonizing, ever-changing challenge in his review. It's singing a different tune than FTL, but the same level of care has gone into it. 

If you're interested in playing both of Subset's greats, you can get FTL's Advanced Edition for free if you purchase Into the Breach from GOG on or before Tuesday, March 6. It's $15, and if you already own FTL, you can also get a gift code for a friend.

For more on Into the Breach, check out composer Ben Prunty's deep dive on how he scored the game. 

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Austin Wood
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