You can buy a Twitch streamer a drink in Borderlands 3 thanks to this new ECHOcast extension

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Borderlands 3 may have been one of the first major games designed with Twitch integration placed front-and-centre. The ECHOcast extension, which was developed alongside the game, allows Twitch streamers and their audiences to mutually benefit from playing and/or watching the game on stream: with viewers able to directly interact with some aspects of a streamer's game, as well as potentially gaining rewards that they can redeem for use in their own playthroughs of Borderlands 3.

Now it's been announced that, with a new ECHOcast update coming on March 26, there will be a new way for audiences to help out their favourite Borderlands 3 streamers in-game: Moxxtails Events. While Twitch already allows audiences to leave monetary tips for streamers in the form of Twitch Bits, Borderlands 3 is trying out a new concept: letting audience donations contribute towards in-game buffs.

The update announcement explains the plan in detail, but in brief: as an alternative to Twitch Bits, players can now choose to donate Bits of Sugar instead. Once enough Bits of Sugar have been donated to trigger the Moxxtails Event, legendary bartender Moxxi herself will appear to present the audience with a poll. The results will help determine the ingredients in the Moxxtail (the strength, on the other hand, will be determined by the number of Bits of Sugar placed in her tip jar). The resulting concoction could potentially buff the lucky streamer's character far beyond the limits of what they'd usually be able to achieve in-game—for a limited time, of course.

The ECHOcast extension update introducing the Moxxtails Events for Borderlands 3 will be released tomorrow, March 26.