Yes, every NPC in Hitman's Sapienza map will fit inside a single meat freezer

Not that anyone was asking, but yes, if you so wanted, you could fit the entire population of Hitman's famous Sapienza map into a single walk-in freezer—and it would only take you a little under 7 hours to do so.

As spotted by Games Radar, streamer RTGame Daniel spent a quarter of a day doing just that. Slowly and systematically, the Mediterranean town's population of over 200 guards, waiters, scientists and tourists were choked out and ferried into the butcher's shop, piled on top of each other in gross defiance of social distancing. 

There was a point to all this, of course. This methodical elimination of a small town was all setup for the streamer's real experiment, which was to see whether every NPC in a Hitman stage could be killed with a single shot. While tossing an explosive golf ball into the human Katamari comes close and makes a truly blood-curdling squelch (skip to 8:48:00), it doesn't quite manage the job, owing to what Daniel calls a "meat shield" blocking the damage from applying to all actors.

The endeavour did catch the attention of developer IO Interactive, at least, who appeared equally impressed and distraught by the six-hour affair.

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Now, technically, Daniel did manage to eliminate the two mission targets, though I'd hardly call it Agent 47's most elegant operation. I'd be less impressed with Mr Hitman's sleuthing skills in Dartmoor if it turned he'd just shoved the family in the back of a jeep.

If you're new to the series and want to find your footing as a hairless assassin, Andy K's put together a handy guide on getting started with Hitman. Sadly, it doesn't come with its own 7-hour video tutorial on eliminating a town.

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