XCOM: Enemy Unknown release date and PC exclusive special edition announced

XCOM Enemy Unknown Sectoids

The XCOM: Enemy Unknown release date is no longer unknown! We'll get to thwart the invading alien menace on October 9 in the US, and October 12 in Europe.

It wouldn't be a modern release without a big pre-order pack, and XCOM will be no different. Pre-orders come with the Elite Soldier Pack. That'll add a "classic X-Com Soldier" as a new recruit in your barracks (silly blonde haircut and all), along with a bunch of bonus aesthetic armour customisation options. You'll also get "complete colour customisation" to give your battle-weary band of brothers the lurid pink hue they deserve.

There will be a PC exclusive special edition as well which will include some "unique XCOM items" like an art book, XCOM HQ poster and some digital gubbins like wallpapers and the soundtrack.

Only five months until a new XCOM, then. The involvement of Civilization devs, Firaxis make it an exciting prospect, and this release date plops it neatly alongside Dishonored and Hitman, which should make for a pleasantly varied weekend or so of winter gaming. For more information, here's everything you need to know about XCOM: Enemy Unknown .

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