Xbox Cloud Gaming has rolled out for Windows 10 PCs

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

After a prolonged Android exclusivity, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now stream games in-browser on Windows 10 PCs. The service went into beta in April, but now it's available to all subscribers of Ultimate—so long as you're in the right region. The United States, UK and a handful of European countries are among the 22 countries supported, though the service hasn't rolled out in Australia just yet.

If you are a subscriber, you can head to to access in-browser streaming. The service supports Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari, and has also rolled out on iOS devices. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 a month (£10.99 / AU$14.95) but if you're a newcomer you can get it for $1 / £1 / AU$1 for the first two months.

Xbox Cloud Gaming currently supported more than 100 titles, including Halo: The Masterchief Collection, Outriders, Minecraft Dungeons, Doom and more. Some games, including Minecraft Dungeons, even have touchscreen UI added, in case you're playing them on Android or iOS devices.

In its announcement, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox Cloud Gaming is being powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware. "We’ve been upgrading Microsoft datacenters around the globe with the fastest, most powerful Xbox hardware to give you faster load times, improved frame rates, and an experience of a new generation of gaming," the announcement reads

"To ensure the lowest latency, highest quality experience across the broadest set of devices, we will be streaming at 1080p and up to 60fps."

Shaun Prescott

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