WWE 2K20 patch 1.03 has been corrupting some players' save data

(Image credit: 2K)

WWE 2K20 is a bit of a mess. In October, it launched in a laughably bad state, and now the latest patch, ostensibly meant to tackle crashes and bugs with wrestlers' hair and clothes, has been corrupting some players' save data. 

YouTuber SmackTalk and others posted screenshots of the warning message, post-update, informing them that their save data had been corrupted and a new save would have to be made. Other players also chimed in below the tweet with similar issues. 

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Neither the WWE 2K20 or 2K support accounts addressed the problem, though the game appears to have been rolled back to 1.02, before the save corruption. If you didn't make a new save, you should hopefully be able to access your old one. 

I asked 2K about the issue with the update and what the status of the patch is, but it's yet to respond. 

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