Worlds Adrift gets new alpha test, you have until Monday to apply

Worlds Adrift has you exploring the sky in homemade airships, and exploring floating islands with the aid of grappling hooks. You'll be doing all that with the aid/hindrance of other players, of course, as this is also a big ol' MMO. While the release date appears to still be some way off yet, you'll be able to play the game mighty soon if you're lucky. Also, if you apply to the latest wave of alpha testing.

Bossa Studios has announced that Worlds Adrift's next playtest is imminent, and for a chance to be in it you'll need to register on the official site and fill out a survey. "Sure, I'll get on that at some point," you're probably thinking, but you should also know that there's a deadline: August 29. That's, erk, only a couple of days away. Talk about your ticking clock scenario.

If you've previously applied for a playtest, Bossa already have your application, so there's no need to fill out another one. You'll hear back if you're successful on August 30.

This latest alpha test will boast a few new features, including weather and the first version of the crew system:

  • Crew System – The first iteration of the crew system has been implemented. Now you can start the game with up to four of your friends and explore the skies together!
  • New Islands – You may recognize some of the islands in the world – these were almost all built by you using the Island Creator!
  • Creatures – ever wanted to lasso a crustacean, or watch a manta ray try to devour a ship? Now you can.
  • Weather – will your ship survive a journey through a ferocious storm wall?
  • Plus lots of new clothing items to try on and an improved UI for the game!
Tom Sykes

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