Where to find Norzko the Proud in WoW Dragonflight

WoW Dragonflight Norzko location - a demon hunter is standing just in front of Norzko
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If you're looking for Norzko the Proud in World of Warcraft, then it's likely that you've just earned the Dragonflight Season 2 Master achievement. Doing so rewards you with a Draconic Mark of Mastery which you can exchange for "powerful equipment" at the Obsidian Rest. 

Now that the WoW 10.1.5 update has arrived, there are a number of new activities to check out in the Dragon Isles. You can earn currency for cosmetics by completing Time Rifts, and you can get a free flying mount as part of the improvements made to the way the Riding Skill is learned. If you play a warlock, you can customize your pets at the barber shop too.

That said, in this guide, I'll explain where to find the NPC so you can spend your Draconic Mark of Mastery. Here's the WoW Dragonflight Norzko the Proud location in Zaralek Cavern.

WoW Dragonflight Norzko location 

Norzko the Proud is found at the Obsidian Rest camp in Zaralek Cavern, the underground zone hidden beneath the Dragon Isles. While the camp is easy to find, Norzko can be tricky to locate as he's inside a building rather than standing out in the open. 

To find him, head to the building to the right of the flight master and you'll find him standing next to another NPC, Kaitalla, to the left of the doorway as you enter. You can exchange your Draconic Mark of Mastery for Elite or Heroic gear: the Elite pieces are already fully upgraded to 9/9, while the Heroic gear can be upgraded further.

As mentioned above, you get the Draconic Mark of Mastery by completing the Dragonflight Season 2 Master achievement, which requires you to either clear the Heroic Aberrus raid, get the Mythic+ related Keystone Master achievement, or get the rank of Challenger II in PvP.

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