Here are the 19th-anniversary world boss locations in World of Warcraft

WoW's 19th anniversary world boss locations - the Azure Worldchiller mount is dropped by Doomwalker
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The World of Warcraft 19th-anniversary celebrations are well underway, and as with previous years, you can head to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris and pick up some celebratory quests. These generally reward a mixture of Timewalking Badges, transmog, and gear upgrades. 

If you're after a new mount, you're in luck there, too, as there's a 100% drop chance from one of the world bosses. Considering Blizzard announced that the upcoming expansion, The War Within will allow you to opt into dynamic flying on non-dragon riding mounts, now's probably a good time to dust off your collection. With that in mind, here are the WoW 19th-anniversary world boss locations. 

Where to pick up the anniversary quests 

If you log into World of Warcraft before December 7th, you can head to the Caverns of Time and pick up a couple of quests that will reward you with 150 Timewarped Badges each. All you need to do is locate and defeat a number of world bosses.

  • Chromie offers the quest Doomwalkin' Has Come Knockin' 
  • Historian Llore (Alliance) or Historian Ju'pa (Horde) offer The Originals quest

You can find both of these NPCs inside the Caverns of Time, and I've pinpointed their locations in the screenshots above. You can easily get to the Caverns of Time via the portal room in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind. And if you're feeling lazy once you get there, you can speak to the Steward of Time dragon at the top near the portals to get a flight down into the cavern. 

WoW 19th-anniversary world boss locations 

You'll need to kill four world bosses to complete both quests, though one of the bosses required for The Originals quest will rotate daily.

Doomwalker is the easiest of the bosses to find, as he's patrolling outside the entrance to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. You won't have trouble spotting him, and he respawns quickly so even if he's recently been killed, you shouldn't have to wait long for him to reappear. Doomwalker will drop the Azure Worldchiller mount during the anniversary event, and killing him completes Chromie's quest too.

Lord Kazzak is a bit of a trek to get to. He's found in the western region of Blasted Lands in the Eastern Kingdoms. Your best bet as a Horde player is to get the zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Stranglethorn Vale, and then fly across.

You don't need to go quite as far afield to find Azuregos. They're located in the southeast corner of Azshara, the zone just above Orgrimmar. 

For the Dragon of Nightmare that's needed for The Originals quest, you'll need to kill one of the following four world bosses, though only one will be active on any given day so check before you fly to the location.

  • Emeriss is found at the centre of the Twilight Grove in Duskwood.
  • Lethon is at Seradane in The Hinterlands.
  • Taerar is located in the northeast corner of Ashenvale.
  • Ysondre is found at the very north of Feralas, on the island above Dreamer's Rest.

Once you've killed the four world bosses required for the quests, head back to the Caverns of Time and hand them in to their respective NPCs to get your 300 Timewarped Badges

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