World of Tanks update 7.4 trailer features tanks in the park, tanks at the beach, tanks in bushes

[VAMS id="rS545D1oQ7bUM"]

Midway through this trailer, a tank going for an innocent stroll along the beach is ambushed by what is either a very well-hidden tank or a tree with a cannon. I don't know what's more terrifying. Wait: yes I do. A tree with a cannon.

World of Tanks update 7.4 expands the game's roster of French tanks with a range of SPGs, or 'self-propelled guns' - mobile artillery, basically. There's also a number of new maps and game modes, including Assault, which splits teams between attack and defense, and Encounter, where two teams fight over one base.

We found out last month that British fighting vehicles are finally on their way to World of Tanks. Hurrah!

Chris Thursten

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