World of Tanks patch 8.0 overhauls visuals, physics, tank behavior

Wargaming's World of Tanks probably offers the best multiplayer experience of smashing together rolling metal boxes of death for your money's worth (read: absolutely free). Even deadly military hardware benefits from extreme makeovers, and Wargaming's anticipated patch 8.0 releases today with significant upgrades to visuals and physics in addition to a new fleet of tanks and a small army of minor balance tweaks.

The improved graphics involves an overhaul to terrain, lighting, and vehicle rendering. Tanks also conveniently lose their hydrophobia and can dip their treads into bodies of water. Physics improvements provide greater freedom of movement while dodging and delivering Shells of Love, including surmounting ledges in spectacular jumps of dust and diesel, fording rivers, and pushing enemy and allied vehicles. For the former, preferably off a cliff.

The update also adds four USSR tank destroyers into the mix, including the SU-100M-1 and SU-122-54 variants. Previous tanks received rebalances to suspension, dispersion, aiming speed, elevation angle, and reload time entailing an eye-crossingly large amount of decimal points and acronyms.

World of Tanks' official website hosts the patch for download as well as the full update notes .

Omri Petitte

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