World of Tanks gets a My Little Pony mod, as reality descends into farce

I was surprised enough to see a World of Tanks advert on primetime UK telly, but thanks to this latest WoT development my face is now perma-frozen in shock, like those poor unfortunate souls out of Ring. PCGamesN bring news that someone has made a My Little Pony mod for World of Tanks. Well, actually it's a number of existing mods bundled together into a whopping 5-6gb collection that adds pony skins and decals, among other things. Full, terrifying details here .

Together, the mods form a complete overhaul of the game, replacing standard voices with shrill pony ones, and stuffing rainbows into every available crevice. It's almost cute, and kind of funny, until you remember about bronies and you never, ever stop screaming. There's an exhaustive forum post courtesy of creator RelicShadow, which details the included mods, and will guide you through the installation process, if you fancy ponying up. The mod itself can be begotten here .

The following video, of one of the mods, should give you an idea of what to expect.

Tom Sykes

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