World of Tanks announce Chinese warmachines - tech tree and trailer within

World of Tanks Chinese update

World of Tanks has got a lot of tanks. But has it got enough?! Not yet, say, announcing the forthcoming introduction of yet more mechanical monsters, this time based on designs and prototypes developed by the Chinese. Hit the jump for loads of screens from the incoming update, a tech tree and a trailer, too.

Chinese tanks weren't at the vanguard of mechanised warfare, but they made up for lost time in the second half of the 20th century, cobbling together the best bits from elsewhere to create hybrid behemoths that combined American manoeuvrability with British accuracy, Soviet power and French firing rates - all the while benefiting from Russian money and cheap production practices.

This update sees the introduction of a 17-tank-strong tech tree, featuring the likes of the Russian-imported T-34 medium tank and IS-2, while premium tank offerings include the Chinese-made Type 62 and Type 59. See the pic below for the full details: