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World of Tanks 8.7 update sounds off with British artillery and a new map

Wargaming have announced the details of the next update for World of Tanks . Where 8.6 was an artillery bombardment, dropping a scattershot selection of French, German, Soviet and American SPGs, 8.7 will be a finely calibrated precision strike - bringing a clearly superior new branch of self-propelled British guns. They're called things like Sexton, Bishop and Crusader, which, I think you'll agree, are fine names for high-powered explosive death machines. Not that I'm biased.

Beyond these mid-tier entries, more advanced entries into the Brit-branch will draw from post-war prototypes. Basically: machines that never saw actual combat. Chances are they were too good to be deployed on the battlefield. Got to give the enemy a sporting chance, 'ey?

These finely honed machines will also have a chance to run around the new Belogorsk-19 map, set amidst an "unforgiving Russian winter landscape".

The glorious proliferation of British engineering is due to arrive "soon" - probably alongside a ridiculous trailer . Hmm, can anyone else hear the national anthem playing faintly in the distance. I think I need a stiff drink and a lie down.

Phil Savage
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