World of Tanks 7.2 patch brings new maps and more US tank destroyers

The 7.2 update for World of Tanks has been released, and it's a big one. This massive new patch brings with it two new maps, several new US tanks and a whole host of balance changes to the recently released French tanks. There's also a snazzy trailer to mark the occasion, showing the new maps and tanks at their scenery exploding best.

The US's unique high speed, low armour tank destroyers proved very popular with players when they were released last year and this new update takes that hint by adding several new vehicles to that line. The new tanks, the M8A1, the T49, the M18, the T25-2, and the T28 prototype all embrace the turreted tank destroyer design that made the US so popular, offering more to those who enjoyed the high risk, high reward play style of tanks like the M10 Wolverine.

The two new maps are Province, a small, tightly contested map set in the picturesque Italian countryside and Live Oaks, World of Tanks' first US based map. Live Oaks looks particularly interesting, it sports a small town Americana look, complete with red brick factories, white picket fences and classic 50s style billboards. Do you fancy trampling this ode to the American dream underneath your merciless tank treads? I know I do, so if you see someone called SirTankingtonSmythe running over the picket fences tonight, be sure to say hi.

Here's the summary of new content. The full patch notes, which contain numerous balance changes too long to list here, can be found at the World of Tanks Wiki .

  • Added new maps: Province (a small Italian map) and Live Oaks (first American map).
  • Added American tank destroyers with turning turrets: M8A1, T49, M18, T25-2, and T28 prototype.
  • The T34 is rebalanced and moved to premium vehicles; it is removed from American Tech Tree. M103 substitutes T34 as an American tier 9 heavy tank.
  • The T30 is rebalanced; it becomes becomes an American tier 9 tank destroyer with a turning turret. T110E5 substitutes T30 as an American tier 10 heavy tank.
  • Added one camouflage for each nation.
  • Added 22 new crew skills and perks (details can be viewed in a crew member's Personal File). You can learn more about new skills and perks here.
  • Added two premium vehicles for testing: tier 2 SPG 10.5cm leFH18 B2 and tier 3 TD FCM 36 Pak 40. Please note that these vehicles will be available only for players partaking in supertest.
  • Added a display of records of experience earned on a certain vehicle (the so called qualification badges). You can learn more about qualification badges here.
  • Added a tutorial for newcomers, which teaches basic principles of garage interface (availalble only for new accounts, i.e. for players who enter the game for the first time).
  • Added name Ilya for Russian crew members.