World of Battleships classes revealed, aircraft carriers confirmed

World of Battleships - aircraft carrier failing to carry

Aircraft Carriers are some of the biggest and most expensive ships to build, maintain and protect. There are only 20 of them on Earth. Their ability to launch fighters, bombers and reconnaissance jets from an enormous range lets them dominate a battlefield. They can win wars. In World of Battleships, you get to be one.

They're the largest of the three main classes, revealed on the new World of Battleships site. The vital support boats are good for "covering the allies from air or routing an aircraft cell towards the enemy," suggesting you'll have a degree of control over the fighters and bombers that you launch. Here's the list of classes from the official site:

The players have three main classes of ships at their disposal:

  • Aircraft carriers that provide both naval and air support

  • Battleships and heavy cruisers able to scarify the enemy with their looks alone

  • Light destroyers with speed and agility as their strongest points

The slow battleships sounds especially monstrous. Apparently they "can batter down any target with a couple of main caliber salvos." The more nimble destroyers will have to work together and use their speed to outclass these lubmering juggernauts.

World of Battleships will use the same pricing system and currency as World of Tanks and World of Warplanes . Check out the first bits of World of Battleships artwork for an idea of what the finished game could look like. There's no release date yet. are currently working on polishing World of Warplanes into a finished state.

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