Here are some working from home tips… generated by an AI

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So there's a good chance you've been working from home recently, and that might mean you're in desperate need of some WFH tips to get you through the day before you can clock off, remain sedentary, and play some videogames. Don't worry, Botnik Studio's clever predictive text AI has plenty to keep you happy and healthy at home.

Here are just a few tips we think might be handy for your time indoors (via Botnik Studios on Twitter):

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The best bit about Botnik's predictive text shenanigans? You can join in on its website. You can head over to the Botnik Writer app to build your own WFH tips using its predictive keyboard, which has been built using real WFH tips. Here's one I put together earlier:

"You should always check your bedroom is not going to take advantage of your kids while you're working."

Words to live by.

In all seriousness, remember to spend some time away from your PC in between work and gaming hours, stretch your legs, and give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while. You're doing great.

Jacob Ridley
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